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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APAB? 

APAB is the non-profit organization established to support the choral, drama and instrumental programs at Acalanes High School.  APAB has three primary missions:

  1. Fundraising:  primarily for activities outside of the classroom such as tours, clinics, competitions, commissioning music or plays
  2. Advocacy:  Communicating to the community about our programs
  3. Recruiting: attracting students into Acalanes’ performing arts classes

How is APAB different from LPIE?  

LPIE supports all of Lafayette’s schools from elementary through high school across an array of academic areas.   APAB specifically supports only the performing arts and only at Acalanes. LPIE also generously supports Acalanes’ performing arts programs but only for needs within the classroom (music, accompanists).

How does APAB differ from the individual department “boards”

In addition to the APAB Board, each department (instrumental, choir, drama) has a support team.  Though not technically “boards”, that term does get used a lot and it makes it very confusing!   For the coming school year, we are going to rename these groups to reduce confusion.   These teams focus on the tactical needs of each department (car pools, ticket sales, uniforms, etc) where APAB focuses on broader strategic issues of common interest to all of the performing arts groups.

How can I get involved but not over commit myself?

Parents are welcome to participate in the individual department groups as well as the APAB board.  The APAB board formally meets only four times a year, usually in the early evening at school.   Board positions range from large to small and you do not need to be a board member to attend meetings or to participate in activities.    Whatever your area of expertise or interest, you are welcome at any of all meetings.   Meetings for the upcoming 2012-13 school year will be held on:  September 20 (Thursday), January 23 (Wednesday), March 13 (Wednesday), and May 9 (Thursday).    We are still recruiting for a few board positions including:   Fundraising, Recruitment, VP – Instrumental Music, and Members at Large.